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Garage doors have caused multiple deaths per year, they lead to approximately 20,000 injuries annually- not including incidents that are not reported

Top 10 reasons for garage door injury

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1. Pinch/Crush Section Joints. Fingers caught between section joints, and can result in amputations.

2. Falling Doors. Door fell for whatever reason

3. DIY. Person working on a door

4. Sharp Edges. Lacerations from door hardware or tracks

5. Glass. Lacerations from garage door window glass

6. Spring injuries due to spring breaking, or someone trying to replace spring. 

7. Broken Door. Miscellaneous injuries due to doors needing repairs

8. Other Entrapment. Half of the reported incidents fingers caught between rollers and tracks.

9. Race To Beat The Door trying to get through the opening before the door closed

10. Riding Door. Children/ Teens grabbing the bottom section while the door is going up. 

PLEASE WATCH YOUR KIDS AROUND GARAGE DOORS. Children should never be allowed to use any part of the garage door, including pushing the garage door button or use the portable garage door opener. Buttons should be installed at a height that is not reachable for children and parents should always teach their children about garage door safety.