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How Do Springs Work?

How Do I Get Started?

The garage door springs are a particularly important part of the garage door because they carry the door’s weight. Without these springs, it would be incredibly difficult — if not impossible — to open the heavy door.

Your garage door springs work by holding the weight of the garage door as it is lifted. The springs are tightened based on the weight of the door. For example, a 100-pound door will have two springs that can each hold 50 pounds of pressure to keep the door open.

The springs unwind as the door opens, and the tension holds the door open. When a spring fails, the garage door may open lopsided — think of a broken set of window blinds. If both springs fail, your garage door may not open at all.

Because the springs are held under such high tension and because they hold the full weight of the door, you should not attempt to fix them on your own. If a spring flies loose or if the door comes crashing down, it could cause serious injury or even death. Instead, rely on professionals like Hung-Rite Garage Door.

Garage Door Springs Service in Phoenix, AZ

An easy, convenient way to get in and out of your home that also protects your family and belongings — a garage door is an important part of your home’s infrastructure. And when part of the garage door fails, you should have repairs made as soon as possible so that your home is not left vulnerable.

If the springs in your garage door fail, you should not try to fix or replace them on your own. Instead, call Hung-Rite Garage Door for garage door springs service in Phoenix, AZ. We can safely repair the garage door springs and get the door moving again.

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